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The management of your organisation’s information.

Data is the most valuable asset within your organisation, and how you manage it is critical. Your organisation’s data in the wrong hands can be catastrophic. But not only that. Proper management of a business’s data can mean that the right people have access to information at the right times. It makes everyone’s role easier.

When talking about information governance we focus on all data created within a business; from employee files to accounting records, websites, client data, emails, social media posts and more. Data also incorporates any policies, procedures, structures and processes that organisations must comply with when creating, managing and sharing information both internally and externally.

Data governance is getting more and more difficult for organisations. Privacy demands are getting more complex and the threat of cybercrime becomes more pronounced every year. Proper data governance can help you determine which records should be kept, how long they should be kept for, and where they should be stored. It is essential that, as a business, you regularly monitor any procedures in place to make sure they address all types of information held within your company.

Inform Strategic Consulting helps our clients achieve maximum protection by organising and safeguarding their critical business data.

Business Challenges.

Each organisation is unique. That means that each organisation will have unique business goals and encounter different challenges. Therefore, in our vast experience, we have found that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creating an effective governance program.

With the world undertaking a massive digital transformation, we see this as an opportunity for businesses to reform – the right way. . We recognise that, with every client, compliance starts with an understanding of each company’s information governance and responsibilities. If there are no clear retention guidelines established, you run the risk of falling short of compliance obligations.

Without an effective plan you could be opening yourself up to unnecessary risks. Inform Strategic Consulting can help support your data governance by:

  • Finding more efficient ways to store data and reduce the overall volume of data stored;
  • Establishing processes and responsibilities to ensure the quality of the data your business uses; and
  • Defining roles within your organisation to govern who looks after what information, and how.

Inform Strategic Consulting has a wealth of experience creating solutions for different situations and organisations. Whether a client needs a multi-year governance strategy or a plan for an entirely new management system, our team has the expertise to help.

We can assist organisations who are just at the beginning of developing a governance strategy as well as those who are re-evaluating their current procedures. Either way,it’s important you are seeking expert advice to maximise your organisation’s performance.

Get in touch so we can begin to help you protect, access, and use your information to its fullest capacity.
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