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Manage your organisation’s valuable data, keeping it safe and secure.

Every business today is mindful of information security breaches. But, by using clever technology solutions and smart business practices, organisations can reduce their risk and ensure that their team feels supported when handling data.

In any successful business there is a plethora of data, both sensitive and insignificant, that travels through its platforms daily. Knowing this, it is essential to successfully manage the information within your organisation and have processes in place that ensure only the right people have access to the content they are viewing or modifying.

Information security is intended to keep your data secure and safe from any unauthorised access or actions, not only when it is being stored, but also when it’s being transmitted from one location to another. It includes the establishment of clear guidelines to minimise risk and ensure continuity if you have internal changes within your organisation.

Security Expertise

Weak information security can lead to information being lost or stolen, modification of material (either accidentally or maliciously), customer data breaches and other concerns. By having a centrally managed framework you can manage, monitor, review, and improve your information security.

The team at Inform are experts. We can optimise our client’s operations, deliver best-in-class service and improve their bottom line profits, all by implementing the right information security processes and systems.

The most important objective of information security is to protect the information and assets within your business. The basic principles of information security are:

  • Confidentiality
    To protect information so it is only accessed by authorised individuals.
  • Integrity Safeguarding information from being modified without consent. This also means ensuring it is reliable, accurate and up to date.
  • Availability
    Making sure that the right people have access to sensitive information and confidential documents are protected.

Inform Strategic Consulting helps businesses to create a strategic information security plan, incorporating their current technologies versus their information management budget, their objectives, and the stakeholders involved with their businesses.

As with any strategic plan, the earlier you set security controls, the better off your business will be. If you already have procedures in place but believe they can be improved, talk to us. We have extensive experience providing a clear understanding of what is required to secure data, without hindering an employee’s ability to find what they need in order to do their job.

We can assist even with the most complex security challenges, so get in touch today.
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